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What we Are?

Q) Are you stuck like 90% of the population?

Well friends if you take the average individual and keep a record of them through their whole lives here are the facts you would see.

  1. They go to school for 20 years.
  2. They work for 40 years of there lives.
  3. They retire with 40% of what they could not afford to live in the first place.

This is the exact system that most of them are in. Let’s explore this a little further.

  1. You work for nine hours; you get paid for nine hours.
  2. You work for four hours; you get paid for four hours.
  3. If you are not there working you get nothing it is as simple as that. This is linier income.

People have misconceptions that jobs and traditional business have security. The fact is that there is no security in jobs and traditional business and on top of it nobody probably enjoys it.


What is the answer?

It is simple, join hands with "Novel Ajinkya Life" a life time opportunity knocking at your door steps based on Direct Selling System and discover the secret of success, and see that you are amongst the top income earners in Direct Selling Industry through "Novel Ajinkya Life".